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Monday night riot…

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In the Metro today, a cheery little feature about a middle-aged woman coming to terms with her body-image by – shocker! – stripping off for the cameras. On the next page, an advert for this.

I’m bored of this. So sodding bored of this I could cry and kick things. I’m tired of reading endless hashes of this same sick social obsession, fat girls, thin girls, calories, body image, size zero. The eroticisation of the gruelling size-zero lifestyle, life as non-life, the nothing woman as pop idol. Taking a pair of calipers to the female sex and demanding less, less, less.

After so many miserable years of starving and vomiting and weighing and hating myself, I’m angry. Cheated, driven almost to total destruction, years of my youth for an adult world that wanted perfection at the same time as it demanded less.

You want less of me, mister? Let me shove these five extra pounds of human meat in your face. I’ll smother you with it. You want less of me? Tough. Because everywhere you turn you’re going to see more and more of me, more of us, unstoppable bitches, coming for your jobs and your sexual freedoms and everything stripped from us for so long. Like it or not, you’re going to meet us. In the flesh.


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  1. wristsplints

    Wahey!! It’s about time the girls break the rules of this silly fucking game.

    Inspired, Laurie. When I receive my digital camera later in the week, I’ll take a similar picture…

  2. Count me in the ‘inspired’ camp. I have a gloriously large, saggy belly, with my battle scars aka stretch marks from my beautiful son, terrific rolls of fat undulating together when I laugh. I think I may have to take a similar picture as well, if you don’t mind. :o)


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