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Neo-nazis say: vote Obama

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Esquire magazine, admittedly not always the most reliable of sources, has interviewed several prominent US career fascists, and amongst the drooling, gum munching racist filth it was today revealed that significant members are planning to vote for Barack Obama rather than his white, Republican opponent.

Rocky Suhayda, the Chairman of the American Nazi Party, said: ‘White people are faced with either a negro, or a total nutter who happens to have a pale face. Personally I’d prefer the negro.’

And there’s more!

Tom Metzger, the Director of White Aryan Resistance, said:‘The corporations are running things now, so it’s not going to make much difference who’s in there, but McCain would be much worse. He’s a warmonger. He’s a scary, scary person–more dangerous than Bush…I hate the transnational corporations far more than any black person.’

Please understand the difference between endorsing white supremacists’ rhetoric, which I’m not doing, and giggling helplessly as the last rats leave the sinking McCain schooner and American politics goes through the looking glass. Combine this with possibly the worst assassination plot ever (two young men plan to buy/steal some guns, wear white tuxedos and drive in the general direction of Obama, somewhere, whilst shooting things and shouting, before getting shot by police. That was their plan. That was their whole plan.) and I think liberal American kiddies can sleep safe in their beds.

When we’re done cackling, we should probably remind ourselves that on this side of the pond we’re rather short on Charlie Chaplin fascists – instead we’ve got a highly organised neo-fascist faction, the BNP, with a stunning PR team and the guile to get out there knocking on doors and trying to win parliamentary influence, having already gained a seat on the London assembly. Just, yknow, saying.


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  1. Is it bad that I find it hilarious that white-supremacists are voting for an African-American?

    *Envisions the next KKK march with a minority float*

  2. butterflywings

    Errrrm, this is not OK.
    So voting for Obama makes neo-Nazis, you know, cuddly?
    Just because they consider Obama the least worst option doesn’t mean they are not racist, fascist scum.
    It’s a version of ‘some of my best friends are’. It’s saying ‘YOU’RE OK, even if you ARE black/ Jewish/ Muslim/ gay/ a woman, and I hate most of them. You’re different, you’re not like the rest.’
    Why did you even bother giving fascists space in your blog?

  3. wings: have you even read the whole post? I agree with absolutely everything you’ve said, and I’ve said so explicitly, a couple of times in this post.

    I’m laughing at the looking-glass aspect of this election, not ‘giving fascists space on my blog’.

  4. wings: have you even read the whole post? I agree with absolutely everything you’ve said, and I’ve said so explicitly, a couple of times in this post.

    I’m laughing at the looking-glass aspect of this election, not ‘giving fascists space on my blog’.

  5. butterflywings

    My name is not ‘wings’.
    And yes, I read the whole post.
    No matter how much you protest, you’re giving space to fascists.
    ‘I’m not racist/ sexist but…’ means the opposite.
    What do you mean by ‘the looking-glass aspect of this election’?
    Yes, fascists are human beings with good aspects of their characters. They’re still fascists. If you find it funny that they may occasionally utter some sensible things, you are very immature.
    And you’re laughing? It is NOT funny. Neo-Nazis are not fucking funny.

  6. I’d imagine your name isn’t ‘butterflywings’, either, so don’t get precious.

    ”I’m not racist/ sexist but…’ means the opposite.’
    I don’t know where I’ve said that on this blog – and neither, in fact, have these fascists. They are PROUD to be racists and sexists, explicitly so, and they don’t try to deny that when they’re saying that however much they don’t want a black man as president, McCain would be worse. My point about looking-glass politics is that it shows just how big this election is when, even for the Neo-Nazis, it’s bigger than a question of race.

    ‘Neo-Nazis are not fucking funny.’

    Actually, I think they’re pretty damn hilarious – unhinged, frightening, but hilarious, especially in this instance. By admitting publicly that an Obama presidency is worth more than their weird, disgusting little prejudices they unintentionally admit to the world the partisan and pathetic aspects of their cause.

  7. neuroskeptic

    “Neo-Nazis are not fucking funny.”

    Well, clearly they are, because everyone laughs at them. are you saying that it’s in bad taste to laugh at them? I think it’s in bad taste to do anything else, like protest against them – it gives them too much publicity.


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