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And in case you were wondering….

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Here is my hat, here is my face, and here is today’s slogan:

Screw you, Redwatch.

About Laurie Penny

Author, journalist, social justice bard.

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  1. I believe I’m on there? Douglas said as much, but that was in person so he couldn’t provide me with a link and I keep forgetting to ask…

    Where’d they get you at? The Julie thing?

  2. You’re kind of hot in a “studious, intellectual, well read” kind of fashion. I’d definitely “do” you although as I’m a male and about zero on the Kinsey scale I don’t suppose you find me appealing.

    (Although many women and even some men do actually find me compellingly attractive; plus, I do have three academic degrees from prestigious universities in pure and applied mathematics and am hung like a horse to boot!)

    Okay. I’m just injecting a little levity into the proceedings but I honestly do like both you and your blog kiddo.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Momus, you are a very strange man and – I think -thank you?

  4. from what i can see of it it looks like a great hat 🙂 is it the beehive one and did you make it yourself?

  5. Not that Momus, per chance?

    The spirit of the comment suggests it might be.


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